Event Feed

Our Event Feed is a way for Brandfolder admins to understand the Who/What/When/Where analytics around the brand assets accessed in their Brandfolder.

We call this feature Event Feed and it will show you the last 50 events that happened on each of your Enhanced Brandfolders. Admins can access the Event Feed by clicking on "Admin" in the editor bar at the top of your Brandfolder or on the Brand Overview page.

A few details around the Event Feed feature:
  • It is only available on Enhanced Brandfolders & above
  • It is only accessible by admins of the Brandfolder
  • It is limited to showing the last 150 events
  • Location is based on IP Address and not always available or 100% accurate
  • Users of your Brandfolder (admins, collaborators, or guests) will be displayed with their email or name
  • Other Brandfolder users will show as "Another user"
  • Non-logged-in users will show as "An anonymous user"
  • It will show the following events:
    • Viewing your Brandfolder
    • Updating your Brandfolder (name, description, or URL)
    • Inviting new users
    • Viewing an asset
    • Updating an asset
    • Adding an asset
    • Deleting an asset
    • Updating subscription
    • Updating Sections
    • Bulk Actions
You can also download all events as a CSV file by clicking on the "Download All Events" link at the bottom of the Events.

Export Event Feed

Our exportable event feed makes it possible for brand managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their brand is being used.

Admins of Enhanced and Enterprise Brandfolders can export a detailed CSV report of their event feed to see when, where and how people are using their brand assets.

How to export an event feed:

  1. Within the Brandfolder of which you are an Admin, select the Admin button and choose Analytics & Events.
  2. Select the Download All Events (CSV) link.
  3. Finally, open your downloaded file in Excel, Google Sheets or another program of your choice.

Event Feed Export Tips: 

Action will tell you which type of action took place within the asset.

Eventable Type will tell you which type of artifact prompted the event to occur. Such events include:
  • Asset
  • Attachment
  • Brand
  • Invitation
  • Link
  • UserPermission
  • Subscription
  • Examples
  • Eventable Type = Brand and Action = Show will show you all views your Brandfolder has received.
  • Eventable Type = Attachment and Action = Show will show you all downloads of an asset’s attachment.

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