How do I bulk download assets?

Next to each section header there is a "Select All" checkbox that you can click to select all assets in a section 

After all assets are selected in the section, the Bulk Actions bar will appear in the bottom left where you can choose "Download" to download a single ZIP of all attachments on every asset selected:

This also works with search results, so if you search for something, clicking the "Select All" checkbox will select only the assets matching the search query in that section.

You can also download all attachments inside each asset by clicking the "Download 2 Attachments" under the attachments.

Advanced Download

Brandfolder has a feature that will let you be much more selective with what you download. If the feature is enabled (contact your sales rep to enable this on your account), you'll see a drop-up appear when you hover on the Download option in the Bulk Actions bar. Selecting "Download Some" will bring a modal that looks like the screenshot below. You can click to select, shift+select, or use the search and the "Select Visible" link to select the filtered attachments.

This option allows you to download select attachments for scenarios such as:
  • Only the PNG file types
  • Only images with 2200px widths
  • Only images smaller in file size
  • Only specific versions

PROTIP: If you'd like to download all attachments in a Brandfolder, you can visit the Brandfolder and put "/zip" at the end of the URL - so it would look like

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