How to delete a section

1.  Select the Manage Sections icon at the top left hand side of your screen. 
2.  Hover over the section you want to delete and select the Delete icon.

3.  A prompt will display to verify that you want to delete the section and all assets within the section. 

Important: This action will permanently remove all assets that exist in the section that is being deleted. If you need to move those prized assets before you delete a section, use the Bulk Move feature to give your assets a temporary home. 

4.  Select the Delete button to confirm deletion of the section or hit Cancel and breathe a sigh of relief; you nearly vaporized those cat memes.

Pro TipBulk Move will help you in the case you need to delete a custom section. Before you delete a Custom Section, use the Add Custom Section and Bulk Move functionality to avoid permanently deleting assets when deleting sections.

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