How to Whitelist Domains for Access Requests

Whitelisted Domains allow you to automatically pre-approve users who have (a) requested access to your private Brandfolder, and (b) have an email domain address that matches your whitelist. This reduces the friction of allowing users access to your private Brandfolder so that they can start getting the assets they need.

What to expect with a whitelist domain

With Whitelisted Domains, any user with a matching email domain address will automatically be granted access to your Brandfolder. As an example, let's say you add to your whitelisted domains. will be automatically granted access to your Brandfolder whereas will need to request access to your Brandfolder and have that request manually approved by an admin. All users who are granted access through Whitelisted Domains will be automatically given Guest access only. If the user is already a Brandfolder user, they will simply use their existing credentials to log into your Brandfolder, otherwise, they will be prompted to create an account.

How to add a whitelist domain

Important: These instructions assume that you have Admin level access to your Brandfolder and that the Brandfolder itself is private.

1.  Within the Brandfolder, select the Admin button.
2.  Select Privacy Settings.

3.  Select the Allow the public to request access checkbox.

4.  Enter the domain(s) that you want to whitelist in a comma-separated list (e.g.,

Important: When entering a domain, only provide the text that comes after the @ symbol (e.g.

5.  Select the Update Privacy Settings button to save your changes.

Pro Tip: Best practice would be to avoid whitelisting generic email domains (e.g.,, In the case you want to allow access to users with more generic email domains, we suggest explicitly adding those users through the Manager Users modal rather than whitelisting their email domain. Additionally, if you want to grant guest access to only a part of your organization we also recommend you do not enable whitelisted domains; Whitelisted Domains is an all or nothing setting. 

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