How to Bulk Invite Users

Pro Tip: When bulk inviting users, break up your user list by role before you send invites. Separate email addresses by either admin, collaborator, or guest roles so that the bulk invite process is copy-paste.

1.  Once logged into your Brandfolder, select 
Manage Users. 

2.  Within the bulk invite text box, enter or paste the email(s) of the users you wish to invite. Note: When providing multiple email addresses, make sure you are using a comma-separated list.

3.  From the drop-down, select the User Type that corresponds to the users you are inviting to your Brandfolder.

4.  Optional: You may also provide a personalized message to go along with the standard invite email text to personalize your message or provide important messages to your users.

Select the Add a personal message link to add your own flair to the email invitation sent to your users.

5.  Select the Send Invites button to email all the users.

Reusable Invitation Link

If you don't have a list of users - or would prefer to send the invite through your own email client you can use what we refer to as a Reusable invite link. You can create a Reusable Invitation by typing a * in the invitation text area., selecting the user permission level and then clicking the "send invites" button. This will effectively create a catch-all invite that can be sent to as many people as you want. To get the link, click the share icon next to it. If you want to turn off the invite, simply delete it by hitting the x next to it.

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