How do I convert an asset to a new file type?

Converting file types

1.  Select the asset within your Brandfolder that you would like to convert and download
2.  Under the attachments, select the specific file type you wish to convert. In this case, we are selecting the AI version of this image

3.  Select the attachment and a new menu will display to allow you to select between different sizes (small, medium, large) as well as different formats (PNG or the original AI file).

4.  Select an option from the menu and the asset will be converted, resized, and downloaded to your device. 

Converting to a specific image size

You may also choose to create a custom sized image if the small, medium, or large options do suffice for your needs. To resize follow the steps below:

1.  After selecting the file format to which you'd like to convert, enter a number in either the Width or Height text box. Note: Brandfolder will always respect the original aspect ratio. When entering a width or height number, the other will update automatically.

2. Select Download.

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