Establishing your Organization

An Organization is the container where all Brandfolders of your subscription are contained. An Organization allows you to manage high-level items such as payment details and Owners of the Organization, while allowing the control to promote admins at each individual Brandfolder.

An Organization must be setup before creating your first Brandfolder. The type of Brandfolder you are able create depends on your Organization's subscription type (Lite, Enhanced, or Enterprise). The steps below will walk you through the steps of creating your Organization and adding a Brandfolder.

Modifying the First Brandfolder of your Organization

1.  Launch the Organizations landing page by navigating to

2.  By default, the first Brandfolder in the Organization will assume the same name as the Organization itself. You may change the Brandfolder name and brand slug by selecting its name.

3.  Once in the Brandfolder, select the title to open the Update Brandfolder screen.

4.  Update the Name, Unique URL, or Description/Contact fields as needed, then select Update Brandfolder.

Adding an Additional Brandfolder

The ability to add a new Brandfolder depends on the plan limits for your subscription. Contact sales at if you need to upgrade to a plan with multiple Brandfolders. For the following steps, we'll be using an Enterprise subscription.

1.  To create a new Brandfolder, navigate to the Organizations landing page.

2.  Select the New Enterprise Brandfolder option.

3.  Provide the real name for your Brandfolder and select Create Brandfolder.

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