Simple Workflow

What is Simple Workflow?

Simple Workflow allows you to add lightweight approvals and collaboration to your Brandfolder. With Simple Workflow, all assets added to a Brandfolder must be approved before they are usable by guest-level users. Any assets that are not approved simply "wait" in a pending state until you decide to approve them for use (or not). Additionally, comments can now be added on assets to allow you to collaborate on assets within the context of Brandfolder.

Video Tutorial

Who can approve assets?

Only admin-level users are able to approve assets. Any asset added by a Collaborator is automatically marked as "pending" and requires further action by an admin. Collaborators can still upload, modify, move, and delete assets in a pending state. Any pending asset is not viewable by a Guest user.

How can I get Simple Workflow?

Simple Workflow can be enabled for Enterprise subscriptions only. If you need to add Simple Workflow to your subscription, reach out to

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