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  1. Adding a Custom Header logo

  2. Adding a Custom Theme to a Brandfolder

  3. Assigning your Organization's Owners

  4. Brandfolder Plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud: Installation Guide

  5. Can I be a reseller?

  6. Can I change the thumbnails on assets that currently show just an icon?

  7. Different File Formats Explained

  8. Different User Permissions Explained

  9. Do you offer a white label option?

  10. Does Brandfolder offer a fee discount for non-profit organizations?

  11. Embed Single Assets

  12. Establishing your Organization

  13. Event Feed

  14. Filter out Events from Integrations

  15. Google Analytics Integration

  16. How can I follow a Brandfolder for updates?

  17. How do I bulk download assets?

  18. How do I convert an asset to a new file type?

  19. How do I reorder attachments and choose which thumbnail is displayed?

  20. How do I share a search with internal users?

  21. How do I share a selection of assets with external users?

  22. How do I share a selection of assets with internal users?

  23. How do I share a single asset with external users?

  24. How do I share a single asset with internal users?

  25. How do I use the Media Player?

  26. How secure is Brandfolder?

  27. How to add attachments to an asset?

  28. How to Bulk Invite Users

  29. How to Bulk Upload Files

  30. How to convert between file types

  31. How to create a Collection

  32. How to create a new section

  33. How to delete a section

  34. How to embed with the Wordpress plugin

  35. How to embed your Brandfolder

  36. How to export your colors to an Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) file

  37. How to make users agree to Usage Guidelines before entering Brandfolder

  38. How to manage the assets in a Collection?

  39. How to organize your assets into sections

  40. How to rename a section

  41. How to reorder a section

  42. How to Search for Users

  43. How to set up a Simple Password

  44. How to upload entire folders

  45. How to use Bulk Actions to manage your assets

  46. How to use Collections to Manage your Assets

  47. How to Whitelist Domains for Access Requests

  48. How-to Install the Wordpress Plugin

  49. Is my credit card safe?

  50. List of Brandfolder Integrations

  51. Managing your Organization subscription

  52. Merge Assets

  53. Multi-Factor Authentication

  54. Office 365 Groups Event Feed Integration

  55. Organize assets into subfolders or groups with Pinned Searches

  56. Real-time Event Feed Integrations

  57. Simple Workflow

  58. Tagging assets for better organization

  59. Upload from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Gmail, or any Link (URL)

  60. What can I do in a Collection?

  61. What can I search for?

  62. What counts as an asset?

  63. What does the public see when looking at a Brandfolder?

  64. What file formats are supported?

  65. What files can be converted?

  66. What is the maximum file size you accept?

  67. Where do I manage my Collections?

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