Brandfolder Reports are a set of standardized reports that can be delivered to Organization level Admin users that have Insights enabled on their account. Reports are delivered on the second day of each month and include data from the previous month. They are available at the Organization level of Premium, or Enterprise accounts.  

Accessing Reports


1. On the Organization level in the top right-hand corner, select the Reports button


2. You will be redirected to a new page that outlines each of the Reports that are available to you. Select View Reports to see a list of all reports available for download. 


3. A new page will appear that lists your previous reports and has a download button. Selecting the Download button will generate a .csv of the report. 

Reports Offered 

  1. User Engagement with Assets: Tracks user engagement with assets, including views, downloads, and shares, which is helpful when auditing and predicting trends. 
  2. Asset Performance by Brandfolder: This allows admins to see top-performing assets and what type of events your users are creating on assets. This report provides a good indication of the health of assets and what assets are active. 
  3. User Activity by Organization: A report that shows the most and least active users. 
  4. Brandfolder and Collection Activity: Allows you to see top-performing Brandfolders and Collections based on all asset activity within those resources. 
  5. Share Link Activity: Allows you to see your most and least active share links.
  6. User Last Active Date: Shows when a user was last active in your Brandfolder. Can be used to reallocate your Organization's seats. 
  7. Popular Search Terms: Shows what your users are searching for across your Organization.
  8. Unique Page Views: View unique and non-unique resource page views. This report could be used in tandem with the Total Asset Events per Brandfolder and Collections report to see if users are visiting resources but are not making any asset events on those resources, which could indicate there's confusion about where certain digital assets live. 
  9. CDN Link Activity: Allows you to view CDN link activity by both hits and bandwidth usage. 



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