Archiving and Restoring Projects and Documents

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Key terms

Project: Projects are folders that house a selection of a user’s documents.


What is Archiving?

Archiving is the process of removing your project from your project view, as it is no longer in regular use. This works as a replacement for deleting as it allows users to restore any archived document if they wish to access it again. 


How to Archive  

  1. From the Projects screen, click on the ellipsis of the project you want to archive, then click the Archive option:


  2. Your project has now been archived, along with any documents that sat within it. The archived document can be found inside the Archive tab on the Projects screen.


How to unarchive/restore your project 

  1. From the Projects screen, select the Archive tab:


  2. In the Archive tab, click on the ellipsis of the project you want to unarchive, then click the Unarchive option.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I always be able to go back and unarchive my projects?

Yes, there is no expiry for archived projects. 


What if I need a project deleted? 

Reach out to an admin user on your account for assistance. 

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