Please visit Embed a Brandfolder in the Smartsheet Help Center. Starting December 29, 2023 the Brandfolder Knowledge Base will only live on Smartsheet Help.

By embedding Brandfolder, you keep users on your own site and in turn increase session duration, page views, and search traffic driving to your domain.

Admins can find the code necessary under Settings on the Admin bar of your Brandfolder (see image below). This will create a link that pops up your Brandfolder inside your own site as shown on Eco-Products Marketing Resources Page.

1. Click Settings.

2. Select Get Embed Code

Embedding via iFrame

You can embed any Brandfolder level into your site by leveraging an iFrame. Select the URL you are wanting to embed and replace where the src attribute points to. Below is the code snippet to utilize:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Do note: depending on the site and where the URL is embedded, you may need additional sizing classes to get the embedded site to enlarge and fit appropriately within the site.


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