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An Organization must have at least one Owner assigned. The Owner has full control over the Organization and all Brandfolders contained within. It is highly recommended that you create more than one Owner for your Organization.

Promoting new Owners

Only Owners can promote other users to an Owner role.

1.  From the Organization landing page, select Settings > Manage Users.

2. In the Send new invitation(s) area, enter the email address and an optional personal message for any user you want to add as an Owner. 

3.  Select Send Invites. The user(s) will receive an email confirming their promotion to an Owner. 


Removing Ownership

From the Organization's landing page, select Settings > Manage Users.

  • If you want to remove the Owner's access completely, select All under the Remove All column.
  • If you want to demote an owner to a different permission level select another user type in the permission level drop-down. 
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