Header Image and Card Image

How do I add a header image and card image?

Custom Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your Brandfolder. Use your own colors for the color bar, add a header image and add a Brandfolder card image to serve as the thumbnail at the organization level.



1. From your Brandfolder, select the "Settings" button and then "Basic Settings".

2. Within the Basic Settings select "Upload" on the right side of the Header Image Section or the Card Image section.


 3.  Choose your image and select "Upload".
4.  Select "Update Brandfolder" to save your changes.

PRO-TIP: Scrolling over the ? icon will give you the recommended dimensions for each image, these recommended dimensions are 1,920px X 480px and 260px X 130px for header image and card image respectively.

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