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How do I download assets in bulk?

Utilize the Bulk Management Toolbar for Downloads


Select assets individually by selecting the checkbox in the bottom left-hand corner of the asset tile select entire sections by checking the box next to the section name.



You'll see a drop-up appear when you click on the Download option in the Bulk Management Toolbar. Once you have all your desired assets selected select Download as ZIP from the blue Bulk Management Toolbar. This will download a ZIP file with all of your selected assets.


Downloading optionsScreen_Shot_2022-04-27_at_4.22.47_PM.png

 Selecting Download as CSV will prepare a download of a metasheet containing critical asset information such as; The asset name, description, tags, etc. Selecting Advanced options will bring up the Bulk Download & Sharing modal which can be seen below. From this modal you can choose specific assets or attachments to be included in your download.


This option allows you to download select attachments for scenarios such as:

  • Only the PNG file types
  • Only images with 2200px widths
  • Only images smaller in file size
  • Only specific versions



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