How do I embed a single asset?

Embedding a single asset in your website or landing pages can make updating the assets across multiple pages easy and accessible for all users.

1. Click into an Asset.

2. Select the Embed tab. (if you don't see that option please contact to enable that on your account). 

3. Copy and paste the URL.

  • CDN Link - Asset: This allows a user to embed an attachment which will update based off of the position in relation to the other attachments.
  • CDN Link - Attachment: This allows users to embed the attachment without having to worry about position. It is a direct link to the attachment. 


You can place this link in an image tag like <img src="link_here"> and when you update the asset, it will update the link wherever it lives. If an asset has multiple attachments, whatever attachment is in the top position will be displayed using this link.

PRO-TIP: Be careful not to delete the asset when using this feature! 

If you have any questions on CDN or embedding assets please reach out to the support team at


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