Custom Fields provide a more controlled taxonomy tool by adding key/value pairs to your assets. Custom Fields keys can either be controlled by admins, or added freely by admins/collaborators. 

How do I set up Controlled Custom Fields?

1. Go to the Settings button in the top right corner and select General Settings.

2. Select the Configuration tab.

3. Check the box to “Control Custom Fields”

4. Set up Field names and Values. Leaving a value empty will allow users to input whatever they would like.

5. Once you have set up the fields and values, assets can then be tagged with the Custom Fields either

  • Individually by clicking into the asset and selecting Edit Asset.


  • In bulk by selecting multiple assets and selecting Tag


7. Custom Fields will appear below an asset as seen below



  • Controlled Custom Fields can be set up at the Brandfolder level, but not on Collection levels.
  • Custom Fields can be added to individual assets or to many assets in bulk
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