How can I use Collections to manage my assets?

Collection is a group of related assets in a Brandfolder. Collections allow you to custom select which assets your users should see and hide what they should not. Whether you need to make sure that Sales only has access to the assets they need or you need to guarantee that your partners are pulling from the right asset pool, Collections are there to help you provide the right assets to the right audience. 

Most Brands can benefit from Collections, however, we’ve put together a few points that might help make the decision easier for you. 

  • Do you need the ability to “hide” certain assets from specific Brandfolder users?
  • Do you want to share a set of assets (which can change over time) with specific users?
  • Do you want to share a set of public assets from your private Brandfolder?
  • Do you want to share the same asset to distinctly different groups of users?
  • Do you need your partners or clients to upload assets but only see what's pertinent to them?

How do I create a Collection and add assets to it?

1. Select the assets you would like provisioned to the Collection on the Brandfolder level. 


2. Select the + Add to button in the bulk actions toolbar and select Add to Collections. From there, you will be prompted with a modal that will allow the user to select Create new Collection. The asset(s) should then be provisioned to the new collection. 


You can also add assets from a Collection

1. Navigate to the Collection level and select the assets you want to move.

2. Select Add to, Collections.


3. Choose the Collection(s) you want to add the assets to, select Save. 

How do I add users to a Collection?

1. Open the Collection you would like to add users to.

2. Select the Users icon at the top right of the Collection view. 

3. Within the bulk invite text box, enter or paste the email(s) of the users you wish to invite. 

Note: When providing multiple email addresses, make sure you are using a comma-separated list.

Optional: You may also provide a personalized message to go along with the standard invite email text to personalize your message or provide important messages to your users.

4.  Click the Send Invite button to email all the users with an invitation to your collection. 


  • Collections are "subsets" of your Brandfolder, assets only need to be updated in one place.
  • Sections are only visible in a Collection if assets have been added from that section.
  • Collections can have unique pinned tags and privacy settings.
  • Collections can have a customized header image.

How do I remove assets from a Collection?

To remove assets

1. Select the assets you would like removed from the Collections on the Brandfolder level. 

2. Navigate to the +Add to button on the bulk action toolbar and select Add to Collections


3. In the new window click on Remove from all Collections


4. In the new window the pops up click on remove


How do I delete a Collection?

1. Navigate to the Collection from the dropdown menu in the Brandfolder.

2. Select Settings > General Settings. Go to the Advanced tab. 

3. Select Delete Collection at the bottom of the tab.



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