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You can customize your privacy settings for each Brandfolder and Collection. 

To adjust privacy settings, navigate to the Privacy button in the admin controls bar. 

You can set your Brandfolder to public or private in the Privacy Settings area.  

  • Public: Brandfolders can be shared hassle-free, allowing search engines to index your brand assets.
  • Private: Brandfodlers are only accessible to the users you specify. 

Advanced privacy settings

These settings are only available for Brandfolders that are set to private. 

  • Require the public to request access - owners, and admins will receive an email when anyone asks for access. They can approve or deny access requests.
  • Whitelisted Domains - allow users with a specific email address domain to receive guest invitations when they request access automatically. 
  • Enable Stealth Mode - removes the Brandfolder from appearing in web searches. Only the login page will be shown to the public. 

Enable Simple Password - This allows for a universal password that can be used for all users to enter the platform without setting up an account.

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