File Types Available for Conversion

What file types are available for Conversion?

Below is a table of allowable conversions. For some conversion types (GIF to GIF, JPG to JPG, and PNG to PNG) the input and output formats are identical, however, resizing is still allowed. 

PRO-TIP: Vector images support upscaling. As an example, if you upload a 300 x 300 AI file, you will be able to download that asset in all 3 of the resizing options and any custom size. 


Note: The output sizes in the table above are the maximum allowable sizes. The longest side of an image will be set to the option's maximum dimension. As an example, if you upload a 2560 x 1440 rectangular AI file, your conversion options will maintain the same aspect ratio as the original: 

  • Large: 1200 x 675
  • Medium: 600 x 338
  • Small: 300 x 169

Custom Sizing

On some file formats, we allow for custom dimensions when downloading. The custom sizing options maintain the original file's dimensions such that no stretching or skewing of the image will occur. 

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