How do I install the Adobe Plugin?

Quickly search and embed digital assets from Brandfolder. You are then able to share your Adobe files with others and allow those embedded links to be synced between users, keeping the original files in Brandfolder. Includes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

1. Download the Brandfolder Plugin here.

2. Click on the installation package to start your system's installer.

a. Depending on your security preferences, you may have to click OK on a security pop-up.

Note: If you’re having trouble starting the installer on a Mac, press Control as you click on the installation package, and click Open. Then, click “Open” one last time on the security pop-up.

3. Follow the prompts on your system's installer.

4. Open Adobe InDesign/Illustrator. If the application was already open, you'll need to close it and open it back up.

5. After installation, find the extension from Window > Extensions


6. Sign into Brandfolder with your Brandfolder credentials.

7. Your Brandfolder assets are now ready to be utilized straight from Adobe InDesign / Illustrator.



Do note for Apple computers utilizing the new M1 chip: Photoshop only supports the new plug-ins (based on UXP, under Plugins in the menu) natively on Apple M1. If you want to use legacy plug-ins (under Window in the menu) run Photoshop in the Rosetta mode. If you are a developer, check if you can migrate your plugins from CEP to UXP.


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