How do I integrate Brandfolder with Salesforce?

Users can now create and utilize a Brandfolder tab inside their Salesforce accounts. This means you can quickly find sell sheets, contracts, sales decks and everything else which your Brandfolders are comprised of – right from the Salesforce interface. Since Brandfolders can be shared internally with your marketing team, you can be sure that these assets will be up-to-date, relevant and accurate.

  1. As a Salesforce Administrator, head to the "Create" section and click on Tabs. Once you're in Tabs click on the New button.
  2. Choose “Full page width” for the screen your Brandfolder integration will appear on.
  3. Under “Display Properties,” fill in the “Tab Label,” “Tab Name,” “Tab Style” and “Content Frame Height.”
  4. Enter the URL that you would like integrated. You can link to a single Brandfolder using a specific URL, or multiple Brandfolders using the My Brands page.

Great Job! Now you can easily access your Brandfolder via its own tab in Salesforce.

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