The Media Library integration (Brandfolder Browser) allows you to quickly grab assets from your Brandfolders to be used in Pages/Posts. Users also have the ability to edit their Brandfolders directly from the WordPress admin panel. 

How do I install the Wordpress Plugin?

  • You can find our plugin at or by simply searching for it while logged in to the admin side of your own Wordpress (see screenshot below).


1. Once installed, create a new post you would like to add your assets to.

2. Add a Gallery Block and navigate to the Media Library.


3. Select Brandfolder from the menu on the left-hand side. 


4. An iframe of your Brandfolder organization will appear. From here, navigate to the asset you would like to add.

5. Click into the asset and click the WordPress icon next to the attachment you are trying to add. 


6. The attachment has now been successfully added to your Library. 

7. Navigate to Create Gallery on the left-hand side of the modal.

8. Filter by Uploaded to this Post and select the attachment.

9. Select Create a new gallery on the bottom right-hand side and then Insert gallery.


10. Your attachment is now embedded in your post!

If you have additional questions about this plugin please contact

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