The Wordpress Integration allows you to quickly grab assets from your Brandfolders to be used in Pages and Posts.

How do I install the Wordpress Plugin?


1. Once installed, create a new Page/Post to add your assets to.

2. Add a Block to the Page/Post and click on the Brandfolder icon. 


3. A new block will be created. To choose an asset from your Brandfolder click on pick asset.


4. If this is your first time using the plugin you will need to put in your API key to access your assets. Your unique API key can be found here




4. Your Brandfolders and collections will appear. From here, navigate to the asset you would like to add by clicking on the image.  


5. The attachment has now been successfully embedded in your post!


6. If you need to replace the asset in that block with another you will want to click on pick another asset


Pro tips:

  • The plugin supports the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4 and MOV.
    • A message like the one below will appear for not supported file types. 


  • The plugin will not work on the classic Wordpress editor. It has been built out for the Gutenberg editor. 
  • The plugin leverages Brandfolder’s smart CDN functionality, so any changes made to the asset in Brandfolder will propagate to your Wordpress sites as well!

If you have additional questions about this plugin please contact

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