What does Brandfolder count as an Asset?

We count any unique assets that fall into the following sections:

  • Logos
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Media
  • People
  • Press
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Information

You can find your asset count by Brandfolder at the top of your Brandfolder.



What is NOT counted as an asset?

  • The links you put in under the name of your Brandfolder are not counted as assets. Feel free to link off to as many related websites and social profiles as you wish!
  • Different file formats of an asset added as an "attachment" do not count against your asset count. For example, if you add a logo and then include additional file formats as attachments to that logo, they do not count against your asset count. 
  • Our Brandfolder has 74 assets. As you can see, we have multiple versions of our logos stacked together and 11 links up top, neither of which are included in the 74 assets.


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