Uploading Templates Through PrintUI

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Getting Started

Please contact your Customer Experience Manager or support@brandfolder.com for the link to download your PrintUI plugin.

Once you've downloaded the plugin, please follow the steps below to get started. Note: You may need to restart the application before the extension is visible.

Find the plugin under Window - Extensions - PrintUI Management.



Login to your account using the Hamburger Menu in the top right of the plugin.



Template Setup

Initialize Template will prepare the document with PrintUI and create a non-editable background layer by default. You can also add document layers from this menu, such as a non-editable foreground layer.



Template Options will provide additional options for adjusting advanced output settings. The default values are recommended when uploading for the first time and can be adjusted as needed.

Pro Tip! Rasterizing the Background and Foreground layer is often a great way to reduce file complexity and speed up preview times in the browser.


Layer organization will have an effect on how replaceable fields are displayed in the editor. The order of text frames in the editable layers will determine the order they are displayed as fields in the editor. Similarly, renaming a text frame will provide a label above the field in the editor.


Package & Upload

Preflight will identify any potential issues with Image and text frames. Packaging will attempt to group all linked content, fonts, and document files into a single folder for upload. There is a shortcut to your package location in the hamburger menu.

To be properly packaged, all images used in the document will need to be linked - pasted graphics will not be included in the package.


Some fonts have licenses that restrict packaging or limit use to one local user. For example, Adobe Typekit and Creative Cloud fonts specifically restrict packaging and will not be included in any package created by InDesign. Check your font's license or documentation to ensure it will work in a templating environment.

The Upload button will automatically preflight and package your document to ensure that the document has been created properly and common errors are accounted for.

For a thorough look at various preflight and packaging errors, look at the PrintUI Upload Troubleshooting knowledge base.


Template Management

After the upload finishes, the template will be sent to your designated templating section. A full list of the templates uploaded to your account can be found under the Templates section of the plugin. You can use this section to remove templates from your account or download packages of previously uploaded templates.

Pro tip:

  • Removing a template asset in Brandfolder will not remove the template from the plugin - those templates will reappear the next time the plugin is synced. If a template needs to be removed permanently, delete the template from the list in the plugin, then re-sync the templating section in Brandfolder.
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