Uploading Templates Through PrintUI

How do I prepare a template in InDesign for export to Brandfolder?

Please contact your Customer Experience Manager or support@brandfolder.com for the link to download your PrintUI plugin.

Once you've downloaded the plugin (opened it and restarted inDesign) please follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Open your Brandfolder.
  2. In inDesign go to "Window" at the top menu bar and select PrintUI - PrintUI Management

Screen_Shot_2017-10-13_at_7_54_53_AM.png3.Click the hamburger in upper right to log in with your credentials.

4. Once logged in you will be ready to create your template or open your template in inDesign.

5. Click "Initialize Template" which will automatically create a background layer for you. You will then want to move all locked items to that background layer and leave the editable fields in their layers

6. Once you are ready to export your template into Brandfolder you will need to Save your template. If are making updates to a previous template “Save As” and adjust the file name.

7. Select "Package & Upload" from the PrintUI management modal and then click through each level to ensure there aren't any mistakes.

8. After upload you can then go to the Brandfolder and the section where your templates live. From here you can click into the asset and select "Open in Editor" to see what your users will see on their end.

Note: Removing the template as an asset in Brandfolder will not remove the template from the plugin and if you sync your templates those templates will then show up again in the platform. If a template needs to be removed permanently you will delete the asset in Brandfolder as well as in the plugin by clicking the “Templates” button in the PrintUI Management window and then right clicking to remove.

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