How do I merge assets into one bucket?

You can use the "Merge" function in the Bulk Action bar to merge existing assets together.

This will merge all attachments, fields, and tags into the destination asset (the one you choose in the dropdown of the Merge option). The Name & Description of the destination asset will remain the same (and names/descriptions for the other assets being merged in will be lost).

  1. Select assets you would like to merge by clicking the checkbox in the bottom right of each asset
  2. Click the "Merge" button in the bulk actions bar in the bottom right


An asset that has been merged would look like this:

Users can then come in and download all attachments at once or select which file/format they would like to download and click the arrow next to that file to download.

Note: It is not necessary to stack assets if you would like to keep them each as individual thumbnails.

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