Tagging is a recommended best practice and one of the fundamental steps to organizing your assets in Brandfolder. Tagging helps to facilitate refined organization, discovery, search, and filtering of your assets for both you and your users. You can also leverage pinned tags to create reusable filters for commonly used assets.

Tagging Assets

Assets can be tagged within the individual asset modal or by utilizing the bulk toolbar. 

Individual Asset Modal

    1. Open the asset. Navigate to the edit tab. mceclip8.png
    2. In the tags area add a new tag by typing it into the box and hitting enter. To remove a tag click on the x next to a tag. mceclip10.png
    3. Select save changes

Bulk Toolbar

1. Choose the assets you want to tag by selecting them via the bulk selector checkbox. If you want to tag an entire section you can click on the checkbox next to the section's name.

2. Select Tag from the Bulk Actions menu.


3. In the new modal type in new tags (hit enter to create a new tag). To remove tags from multiple assets click the x next to the tag. Then select the Save button to finish. 


Editing Tags

Editing tags can be done from both the individual asset modal which was reviewed earlier in this article or by utilizing bulk management. Do note that only admin users have the ability to access the Bulk Management area.

Bulk Management

    1. To navigate to Bulk Management, within the Brandfolder navigate to Settings > Bulk Management.
    2. Within the Tags tab you have the option to update the name, delete the term, and see how many current assets are associated with it. 
      • To update the name click on rename. This will open a field for you to type in the new name of the tag. Click rename tag to save changes. Pro tip: renaming tags are also a great way to combine tags. For example, if you have the tags beach and beaches you can combine the two by renaming beaches as beach.  mceclip13.png
      • To delete the tag click on the trash can within that tag's column.

To see how many assets have a certain tag associated with them, look at the # assets column. If you click on the tag name it will bring you to all of the assets that have that tag within the Brandfolder. mceclip14.png

tip: To edit tags that were generated automatically select the box that says Show auto-generated tags.


Brandfolder also has the capability to utilize tags generated by Google's artificial intelligence. When this feature is enabled on your Brandfolder, the system will analyze the asset that you have uploaded and apply tags based on what is pictured in the image. The tags generated automatically can be distinguished by their dotted border, while the tags added manually will have a solid border.dotted.png
Pro tip:  If you wish to prevent specific tags from being applied to your assets automatically, reach out to support@brandfolder.com and we can blacklist the tags on the back end.

In order to toggle this feature on or off, in the Brandfolder navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced, and here you will see the option to enable or disable auto-tagging.


Have questions about tagging assets? Reach out to support@brandfolder.com


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