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What edits can I make to an asset?

You can make several edits on a per-asset basis by clicking into an asset and then clicking the Edit tab. You can also add new attachments using the uploader box on the bottom-left side of the modal.


Under Asset Details, you will see several editable fields/items listed here, such as:

  • Asset Name
  • Description
  • Tags


Under Custom Fields, you can attribute any custom fields you have set up for your Brandfolder for this particular asset. For more information about custom fields, visit the Setting up Custom Fields knowledge base article.



Under Advanced, you may see several editable fields/items listed, such as:


  •  The recommended dimensions for the custom thumbnails are 375px X 160px.

  • The Default for the Asset Background Color will be the gray and white checkerboard (transparent) or white, or you can pick your hex color.
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