How do I organize assets into subfolders or groups with pinned tags?

To create a pinned search for a specific group of assets, start by bulk tagging your assets with a like term - we recommend doing this upon upload if possible.

Once you have tagged the assets-follow these steps:

1. Click into an asset that is tagged with the term you would like to pin.

2. Click on that tag. This will then filter across all of your sections for any assets that have that tag for ex: tags:"Phone".  All items in your Brandfolder that are tagged with that exact term will then show up for your users. 

3. Click the pin icon on the right side of the search bar to pin that search. You will then want to clean up the label to be something more user-friendly.

4. Your Pin search filter will then show up below your sections and users can click on it to filter by that term.

If you have any questions on pinned tags please reach out to the support team at

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