Share Assets in Bulk

How do I share multiple assets?

Assets can be shared individually or in bulk using this method. For others options for sharing an individual asset you can view the Share Individual Assets Knowledge Base article.

Sharing assets using the Bulk Management Toolbar

Within the asset modal select the assets you are interested in sharing using the checkboxes on the asset tiles.



Once you have assets selected you will see the blue Bulk Management Toolbar at the bottom of your page. From this toolbar select the Share option (it is always helpful to note the # of assets selected in the bottom left-hand corner).


Editing Share Links Options


Clicking the Share option will bring you to the Share Link edit modal. From this modal you can change the Share Link Name, Open in new tab, Email link, Delete link or change the Share Link Privacy Settings:

  • Make link private: Removes the Require email address to access toggle and only users with a Brandfolder login or Simple Password (when enabled) will be able to see shared assets.
  • Require email address to access: When accessing the Share Link all users will be required to enter an email address to allow tracking of asset views and downloads.
  • Disable download functionality (view only mode): Users will only be able to view content within the Share Link, they cannot download or share assets.
  • Expire link: Set an expiration date for your share link. After the expiration date has passed the link will be inaccessible.
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