Brandguide Tutorial

Getting Started with Brandguide:

  1. The support team can enable this feature for you. Once enabled, select the Brandfolder you would like your Brandguide associated with
  2. Select "+ New Brandguide", a modal will expand and allow you to name your new Brandguide 
  3. After creating the Brandguide you will now see it as a tile within your Organization viewScreen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_3.45.31_PM.png
  4. By hovering over the ellipsis and clicking on Settings, an Admin user will have the ability to edit the name, slug and card image of the Brandguide.Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_3.48.09_PM.png


Navigating Brandguide

Once you select your Brandguide you will now have access to edit and update the page.

With the toolbar you are able to:

  • Adjust the overall settings of the Brandguide
  • Adjust the styling: font size, font type, colors, favicon image and also find advanced styles at the bottom
  • Add custom styling through the advanced styling using your own CSS
  • Preview as external user


You can start by clicking into any of the text fields to edit, adding “sections” which will fill the page, and adding “pages” that will be listed on the left-hand side.

Click “New Section” and “Add Section”. You will then have the ability to choose the section content from the 3 options below and then click “Select”:


When adding an image to a section you first upload the image from Brandfolder, your desktop etc. If you would like it also available for download from the Brandguide you can upload it again.




Other edits you can make using the tools below the title of the section:

  • Align copy left, center, right
  • Adjust size of any image uploaded
  • Adjust background color for that section
  • Move section up or down using the arrow bar



  • Save each section as you create it or edit it
  • On the left is your navigation:
    • You can put a static logo in the top left
    • You can add and edit pages
  •  On the right is the body of each page:
    • You can add and edit titles, body text, and image
    • Within text, you can add links, bullets, numbering, and adjust the styling of the text
      • Note that the fonts and colors used are stored in the "styles" section at the top right of the tool, not within each section.
  • "Preview" at any time in the top right of the page




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