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The tags bulk management page allows you to view and manage manual and auto-generated tags associated with assets in your Brandfolder. Navigate to Settings > Bulk Management > Tags to see this page. 

When navigating the tags page you have the ability to 

  • Search tags 
  • Filter tags by language
  • Sort tags by: name and asset count
  • Show auto-generated (AI) tags. AI tags will appear with a dotted border.

This page includes a table with columns that allow you to 

  1. View the names of all of your tags. 
    • If you select the tags’ name you will be redirected to the Branfolder to see what assets are associated with the tag. 
  2. See the # Assets associated with each tag.
  3. Rename your tag.
    • This feature is handy if you want to combine tags. For example, if you have the tag logo and logos, you could rename the tag logos to logo, and then all of the assets associated with logos will be associated with the logo tag. 

Delete a tag from all assets using the trash icon.

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