Access your Brandfolder of approved digital assets in Figma to easily build on-brand designs. After completing your design, publish the final product as a new asset in Brandfolder without leaving Figma.


The Figma integration for Brandfolder can be found by searching within Figma's Community tab or from the direct link here.




1. Once installed, the plugin can be found under the Plugins section of the menu. Once prompted, use the API key from the Integrations section of the user profile, found here.



Import from Brandfolder will load a list of Brandfolders and collections that the user has access to. The search bar can be used to find specific content.




2. Once an asset has been selected, it can be placed in the document. If an asset has multiple attachments, individual attachments can be selected for use.



The Brandfolder plugin also supports uploading content, via Publish to Brandfolder. The user will need to have editable access to the Brandfolder in order to create new assets.



If you have any questions on the Figma integration please contact

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