Brandguide Tutorial: Getting Started

Brandguide helps your brand maintain visual consistency through its logos, fonts, colors, and photography selections. This makes it an essential tool for defining your organization's visual identity and general look-and-feel. 

To enable the Brandguide feature, please contact for more information.

Creating a Brandguide

1. To create a brandguide, navigate to the organization level and click into the brandfolder that you want the brandguide to be associated with. The option to create a new Brandguide will be in the top left corner of the brandfolder level.


2. After selecting "+ New Brandguide" a modal will expand and allow you to set the name, unique URL, and card image.


3. The brandguide will appear as a new tile on the organization level, and you have the ability to change the settings that you selected upon creation by hovering over the ellipsis.



Navigating Brandguide

Once you have clicked into your Brandguide you will be able to start editing and customizing the page.

With the toolbar you are able to:

  • Adjust the overall settings of the Brandguide
  • Adjust the styling such as font size, font family, colors, and favicon image 
  • Add custom styling through the Advanced Styles using CSS
  • Preview the brandguide as an external user



The settings page within the Brandguide will allow you to change the name, URL, and privacy settings.


Note: Preventing access requests on a private Brandguide will prevent users without access on the Brandguide from viewing or requesting access. Brandguide permissions do not trickle down, and this also pertains to users with higher permission levels such as organization or brandfolder admins.

If you have any questions about this feature please contact

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