What can I search for?

Every Brandfolder is fully indexed, making it easy to find the exact asset you need. Each asset's name, description and all meta data entered in Brandfolder is instantly full-text searchable.

Here's an exhaustive list of modifiers you can use to scope your search:

  • name
  • decription
  • filename
  • extension
  • tag
  • section
  • asset_type
  • asset_data
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • metadata*
  • collection*
  • comments*
  • approved*
  • custom_fields*

 * these modifiers require specific features to be enabled on your account.

Here are some examples:

  •  section:"Logos"
  •  tag:"BB8" (all assets tagged with bb8)
  •  extension:jpg (all assets with JPG attachments)
  •  section:"Images" extension:eps (all images with the EPS attachments)
  •  asset_data.title:ceo (all People with the title of ceo)
  •  address section:"Information" (searching for address in Information)
  •  custom_fields.UPC:"345678921123"
  •  asset_type:Color
  •  metadata.Author:"Jane Doe"
  •  collection:"Marketing"
  •  ::created_at:>now-31d (assets created in the last 30 days)

Search Operators

The default search operator is AND, meaning if you search for "blue gray" it will search for assets with both blue AND gray in the name or description. You can change the search operator to OR by using the advanced search syntax below.
Advanced Search Syntax

Our general search allows for broad searching across all fields .However, if you preface a search with :: it will allow you to do raw ElasticSearch queries that may produce more accurate results for you.

  •  ::(section:"Logos" || section:"Images") && "blue"
  •  ::_exists_:custom_data (show all assets that have custom data)
  •  ::_missing_:collection_names (show all assets that are NOT associated to any collections)
    Date Ranges

PRO-TIP: You can search and create Pinned Searches based on the created_at or updated_at attributes on assets. This allows you to create a Pinned Search for something like "Recently Updated" and make it easier for users of your Brandfolder to find the assets they need. For more information visit https://productmap.co/p/2121.

To clear search results, simply click the X in the results bar or hit the ESC key.
You can hit CMD+F on OSX or CTRL+F on Windows to begin searching from anywhere in the Brandfolder.

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