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You can add a custom usage agreement to a Brandfolder and unique agreements across Collections. Usage agreements require users to agree to usage requirements before accessing and interacting with assets.

Setting up user agreements 

1. On the Brandfolder level, navigate to Settings > General Settings

2. In the User Agreement section, select Enabled.

3. Fill out the User Agreement Title and User Agreement, which is the language the end user agrees to.

3. Select Update Settings.

Setting up user agreements for collections

By default, your collection will inherit the user agreement enabled on the Brandfolder level unless you make changes to the collection level. 

  1. On the Collection level, navigate to Settings > General Settings.
  2. Select Enabled.
    • If you do not want a user agreement to appear on this collection, select Disabled.
  3. Fill out the User Agreement Title and User Agreement which is the language that the end user is agreeing to 
  4. Select Update Settings.


Once you add a user agreement, you will see the agreement pop-up before entering the Brandfolder or Collection.

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