How do I have users agree to usage requirements before accessing assets?

Admins of a Brandfolder can add a custom usage agreement to a Brandfolder and unique agreements across the different Collections as well. This will require users to agree to it before being able to access assets.
1. On the Brandfolder level, navigate to Settings > General Settings. 
2. Select "Enable" and fill in the "User Title Agreement" as well as the "User Agreement".
3. Select "Update Brandfolder".
If your Organization contains collections as well please follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Collection(s) level. Select Settings > General Settings.
  2. Select "Enable".
    • If you do not want a user agreement to appear on this collection, select "Disable".
  3. By default, your collection will inherit the usage agreement that was enabled on the Brandfolder level. If you would like a different user agreement on a specific collection please fill in the "User Title Agreement" as well as the "User Agreement".

Once it has been added you will then see the agreement pop-up before you enter the Brandfolder or Collection.
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