Asset Availability, a Brandfolder Rights Management features, allows you to control which assets are available to the world with set display and expiration dates.

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How do I add a publish and/or expiration date to assets?

1. Once Asset Availability has been enabled on your account...from your Brandfolder, select one or multiple assets to display the bulk actions toolbar

2. Select "Availability" to display the Asset Availability module. 

3. Set a "Publish Date" and/or "Expiration Date" and click Done. 

4. Assets that are unpublished will be tagged with a "Draft" banner, and assets that are expired will be tagged with an "Expired" banner. 

5. Assets in Draft and/or Expired state will only be visible to Admins and Collaborators; Guest users will be unable to view. 



Important Notes: 

  • Brandfolder checks once per hour for all assets in Organizations with Asset Availability enabled to determine if any assets have transitioned to/from expired/unpublished
  • Assets that have been expired for more than 1 month will be soft deleted from your Brandfolder
  • Approval status always takes precedence over Expired/Draft assets
    • If an asset is expired and unapproved, the pending banner will show
    • If an asset is unpublished and unapproved, the pending banner with show
    • Then if those assets are approved, they will display expired/unpublished banners
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