Asset Availability, a Brandfolder Rights Management features, allows you to control which assets are available to the world with set display and expiration dates.

How do I add a publish and/or expiration date to assets?

1. Once Asset Availability has been enabled on your account - from your Brandfolder, select one or multiple assets to display the bulk actions toolbar

2. Select "Availability" to display the Asset Availability module. 

3. Set a "Publish Date" and/or "Expiration Date" and click Done. 

4. Assets that are unpublished will be tagged with a "Draft" banner, and assets that are expired will be tagged with an "Expired" banner. 

5. Assets in Draft and/or Expired state will only be visible to Admins and Collaborators; Guest users will be unable to view.  


Important Notes: 

  • Brandfolder checks once per hour for all assets in Organizations with Asset Availability enabled to determine if any assets have transitioned to/from expired/unpublished
  • An asset's availability status will affect its viewability in share links, Collections and CDN embeds
  • Approval status always takes precedence over Expired/Draft assets
    • If an asset is expired and unapproved, the pending banner will show
    • If an asset is unpublished and unapproved, the pending banner with show
    • Then if those assets are approved, they will display expired/unpublished banners
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