Bulk Resize & Convert Assets

Save time by resizing and editing multiple assets in batch mode. This feature is great for getting product imagery ready for distribution. Download all or some in a .zip, or generate a share link to share in bulk. 

How do I bulk resize and convert assets?

1. Select multiple assets to display the bulk toolbar, and click Download > Advanced optionsadvanced_options.png.


2. On the Bulk Download & Sharing window select the following

  • Max Height
  • Max Width
  • Pad or Fill 
    • Padding allows for a white or transparent area around the image. Example: 1000x700 image > resize to 400x400 > output is 400x400 with padding added.
    • Filling allows for the image to fit the same aspect ratio but in a different size. Example:
      1000x700 image > resize to 400x400 > output is 400x280.
  • File Type. Be sure to select either PNG or JPG, original will not create changes. 

3. Click Download to generate a .zip file on your machine.  

4. Click Share to generate a link that internal or external users can access to download the .zip file. 



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