How can I access my personal Brandfolder features?

Navigating to My Profile

Once you are logged into Brandfolder you can access My Profile by clicking Hi, [Your Name] in the upper-right hand corner and selecting My Profile from the dropdown.


My Profile

My Profile provides an overview of your Brandfolder activities including your favorite assets stored within a Board, Notification Center, and easy access to account settings and integrations.


When you log in to Brandfolder, you will notice that your profile populates with the Organizations, Brandfolder, and Collections you have access to.

My Boards

Boards can be used to create a cultivated view of user-specific assets. To add an asset to a board, start by selecting the asset(s) and clicking Boards in the bulk actions bar.


From there, you will have the option to add the asset(s) to a new Board or a pre-existing Board. 


Your assets will populate in the My Boards tab so you have easy access to your top collateral such as sales decks, popular ads or commonly used logos.  


A new Board can also be creating without adding assets by clicking + Create Board.

Do note: Boards can't be shared with other users, they are only for personal use. 

Notification Center

Notification Center allows you to monitor real-time asset activity by viewing newly uploaded assets. 


You will receive a notification when new assets are uploaded to your Brandfolder. 


The Integrations tab of My Profile catalogs your Brandfolder integrations. You can also add integrate new apps here, using an API key. 

To see all of the integrations Brandfolder supports visit


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