Microsoft Office Integrations

Access assets from Brandfolder directly through Microsoft PowerPoint and Word 

  1. Request the link to the plugin from
  2. Once received, select the program you would like to open the application in (either Word or PowerPoint)
  3. The selected program will then open automatically, choose Trust this add-in
  4. Navigate to the Insert tab and select the Brandfolder Icon in the upper right-hand corner
  5. Select Get Started
  6. The API key for your organization will be needed to complete the connection
  7. The API key can be found when you are logged into Brandfolder:
  8. Your Brandfolder content will appear. The integration panel allows you to navigate your content just like you would within the Brandfolder by visiting the different levels of the Brandfolder hierarchy (Organizations, Brandfolders, and Collections).     


9. Once you are at the Brandfolder or Collection level you have a few options to narrow down your content.

    1. You are able to filter by section by clicking on the arrow accordion to the left of the show attachments toggle
    2. You can filter by custom fields, tags, etc by clicking on the filters button to the left of the search bar
    3. You can search for assets by inputting different search syntaxes into the search bar. Various search syntaxes are outlined in the Searching in Brandfolder Knowledge Base article.


10. You can also view asset details by hovering over the asset, clicking the ellipses, and selecting view asset details


11. While hovering over the asset you can choose to place it within the document or open its Attachments in the Brandfolder panel

12. From the Attachments screen, files can be drag/dropped into your document or clicked to embed

13. You can also replace files within their set dimensions in the Office document. To do this, select and right-click a thumbnail from the Attachments screen in the Brandfolder plugin. Then right-click the asset within your Office doc and selected Change Picture > From Clipboard


Centralized Deployments

For IT teams that would like to deploy the Brandfolder Office Plugin throughout their organization, you can use the following information to do so.

Microsoft help article:

Manifest URL for Deploy Add-In location:


  • NOTE: 
    This add-on works in: PowerPoint 2013 or later, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint 2016 or later, PowerPoint Online, Word 2013 or later, Word 2016 for Mac, Word 2016 or later, Word Online 
  • Copy/paste to replace is not supported in Office 365 (cloud)
  • Drag/drop is not supported in Office 365 (cloud), but you can still click on the attachment you want or click “place” at the asset level

If you don't have the above, try using Office Online.

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