Collaborator User Guide

Collaborators have the following capabilities. Select the links to see a tutorial for that feature:

Anatomy of an Asset

An asset represents your files and can comprise 1 or more attachments. When an asset contains more than 1 attachment, we refer to it as a merged asset. Additional attachments can always be added or removed from an asset by editing it from the asset preview. Lastly, the asset name, description, tags, and attachment metadata are all searchable in Brandfolder. This is especially important when you begin to tag all of your assets.

PRO-TIP: Brandfolder will recognize files with the same filename. If files with the same filename are uploaded into the same section, Brandfolder will allow you to merge the files or create the files as distinct assets.

  • The asset preview pane is for viewing an asset's attachments. You can hover over each attachment thumbnail to see a preview.

Best Practice: Only stack attachments that correspond to the same asset. Examples include different sizes or formats of the same logo, localized versions of the same document, or different view angles of the same product.

Navigating Brandfolder


The filter bar contains high-level categorizations for assets in a Brandfolder. The filter bar contains both sections and pinned searches. Sections will filter based on asset type or organizational preference. Pinned searches may span multiple sections and search for key terms. Select any available filter to view its results.

There is also a search bar to allow you to find assets based on their name, tags, metadata, or description. Type your search term into the search box, and any matching results will display. To clear a search, simply select the X below the search box.

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