Embedding Assets with Smart CDN

With Brandfolder's Smart CDN, you can embed assets across the web and format them on-the-fly to meet your specific needs. CDN links ensure your content always reflects the most up-to-date changes made to your Brandfolder Asset.

How to Embed An Asset 

1. Open the desired asset in Brandfolder

2. Select Embed

3. Copy the link and insert into your website as an img tag (or embed it into an iframe/video tag if it's a video)

Advanced Smart CDN Features

Transformation and Conversion:

In addition to efficiently serving up assets to external sites, Smart CDN supports on-the-fly file transformations and conversions.

For example, let's say you have a Smart CDN URL such as https://cdn.brandfolder.io/YUHW9ZNT/as/6skcfbkq/brandfolder_icon_aqua.png.

If you want the same image with specific dimensions, simply specify that in the URL like so: https://cdn.brandfolder.io/YUHW9ZNT/as/6skcfbkq/brandfolder_icon_aqua.png?width=150.
Want a JPG instead PNG? Just change the extension at the end of the URL: https://cdn.brandfolder.io/YUHW9ZNT/as/6skcfbkq/brandfolder_icon_aqua.jpg
Need a larger version of your file? Bump up the height or width params in the URL and add &pad=true  to add whitespace padding to the original image.
Auto Extension 
The Brandfolder CDN will allow you to use the extension .auto.  We will automatically choose the best format for the browser that is loading the image.  This includes sending images back using the WEBP format, which lowers the size of an image, without loss, and speeds the loading of the image on your site.
Smart CDN allows you to link to any attachment inside your asset, not just the first one. Say your asset has multiple attachments, and you want the fourth attachment in your asset, just specify that by adding, ?position=4 to the end of your CDN url: https://cdn.brandfolder.io/C0KGG2P6/as/pd20zo-6xxwds-g0sj9j/CDN%20Example.png?position=3.
Use any combination of the above to modify your CDN link to get your Brandfolder Attachments exactly how you need them for your use case.

Live Updating:

Any time you update an Asset in Brandfolder, associated Smart CDN links embedded throughout the wild will also update to reflect those changes.

Automatic Expiration:

If you expire, un-approve or delete the asset in Brandfolder, the Smart CDN link will automatically expire as well (it may stay cached for up to 24 hours).

Contact Support@brandfolder.com to manually expire the cache if you need it to expire faster, which usually takes about 10-15 minutes for it to change across the world.



Embedding Video Assets

Embedding video assets is slightly different then image assets.  Brandfolder provides a basic iframe with our video player embedded into it.  Users can control the size of the iframe as well as a number of optional parameters for videos.

Example Embedded Video

Example embed code


Allows video to loop after it has finished playing.

  • loop
  • default: false
  • options: boolean - true or false


Determines whether sound is muted when the player loads.  This is useful for when using autoplay setting due to browser autoplay restrictions.

  • muted
  • default: false
  • options: boolean - true or false


 Automatically play the video upon load.

  • autoplay
  • default: false
  • options: boolean - true or false


Using Brandfolder to autoplay a video when a page loads is not a simple issue. This stems from browser vendors responding to user wishes to NOT have videos autoplay. The most reliable way is to set autoplay=true&muted=true since many browsers (including Chrome) will not autoplay videos with audio.





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