Embed links allow you to embed assets while maintaining asset parameters like file type and size.  When you embed, your asset ratio will change automatically to fit the specifics of where you are embedding the asset. 
Embed links also account for asset updates and expirations, so you can embed those links across the internet and have them all sync back to changes you make in Brandfolder.
If you expire or delete the asset in Brandfolder, it disappears from wherever it was embedded (it might be cached for up to 24 hours).

The Brandfolder CDN will also pick whatever the first attachment is as the image, so if you re-order/edit the attachments it also updates the image all across the web. 

Contact Support@brandfolder.com to manually expire the cache if you need it to expire faster, which usually takes about 10-15 minutes for it to change across the world. 

How to Embed An Asset 

1. Open the desired asset

2. Select Embed

3. Copy the code and insert on your website

4. To change the file type, simply replace the .png or .svg, etc. in the URL 



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