Slack and Brandfolder have a few things in common: we’re both in the cloud, we’re both incredibly easy to use, and we’re both on a quest to revolutionize the way teams communicate.

Event Feed: Access Instant Analytics About Your Brand

Event Feed makes it easy to keep tabs on your brand, no matter where you are. When Brandfolder’s Event Feed is enabled, you’ll gain access to detailed events such as who’s viewing a logo, or who’s downloading a set of images, all inside Slack.

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Since all analytics are updated instantly, you’ll never miss a beat about your brand.


Brandbot: A Helpful Bot for Searching and Storing Assets in Brandfolder

When you install Brandbot in Slack, you’ll be able to access your Brandfolder’s assets in any public or private channel. If you want to access a logo in your Brandfolder, for example, simply mention @brandbot and type in “find logo.”

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Additionally, Brandbot lets you save images, logos, and other files from Slack to your Brandfolder. Simply tell @brandbot to “save” in the comments of a file that has been uploaded to Slack and it will create an asset in your Brandfolder.

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For assistance in using Brandbot, simply type in “@brandbot help” and you’ll receive a list of helpful commands.


Get Brandfolder for Slack

Brandfolder for Slack is free for all current Slack and Brandfolder customers. To download Brandfolder for Slack, head to the Slack App Directory today. 


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