Slack and Brandfolder have a few things in common: we’re both in the cloud, we’re both incredibly easy to use, and we’re both on a quest to revolutionize the way teams communicate.

So, don’t you think it’s about time we got together? We think so, too. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Brandfolder for Slack. Our Slack app makes accessing, sharing, and tracking your brand easier than ever.

Access Request Notifications

Get messaged in real time whenever a user requests access to any of your Organizations, Collections, or Brandfolders. The Brandfolder bot will send you a message in whatever channel you choose and link you directly to the place on our website for you to instantly approve or deny the access request. Grant access and choose a channel here to start receiving notifications.


Slash Commands: A Cool Way to Search for Assets in Brandfolder

When you install the Brandfolder app in Slack, you’ll be able to access your Brandfolder’s assets in any public or private channel. If you want to access a logo in your Brandfolder, for example, simply type “/brandfolder logo”. You can select your favorite logo and post it in your current channel.

For assistance in using Brandfolder, simply type in “/brandfolder help” and you’ll receive a list of helpful commands.

Get Brandfolder for Slack

Brandfolder for Slack is free for all current Slack and Brandfolder customers. To download Brandfolder for Slack, just click Add to Slack 


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