Configuration Steps for Google: 

  1. Log into your Google G Suite account, access the Apps menu and select "SAML Apps" > Add a service/App to your domain > Setup my own custom App.

  1. Next you will be given the option to manually configure Google as your identity provider. We recommend Option 2 to download the IDP metadata. Please send this to
  2. Next you will be given the option to name your app and provide an image to be associated with it.
  3. Add the ACS URL and Entity ID. These links (the SSO URL and Entity ID URL) will be provided from Brandfolder. You will also select Email as the Name ID Format. 


      Entity ID URL:

  1. After entering those two URLs you will be prompted to set up the attribute mapping. You will want to define EmailAddress, FirstName and LastName.

  1. After these steps are complete you can then enable the app you created by selecting the “ON for everyone” option. New apps can take up to 24 hours to activate through Google. Users attempting to login may see the error below. This issue should be resolved after 24 hours have passed.

                                       403 error "app_not_configured_for_user"


If you have any specific questions please contact

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