Brandfolder's advanced filters enable point-and-click discovery of assets, all based on your unique taxonomy. Filters are available for all your users, and come in handy as your asset and taxonomy volume scales. 

Supported Filters: 

Access Filters by clicking the filterbutton.png button to the left of the search bar. 



  • Search exact terms - This setting will toggle your Brandfolder to only search on the exact words you include in your query.
    • For example, when this is not selected, a search for "blue suede" will return assets both associated with "blue" and with "suede". When this is selected, the same search will only return assets associated with the specific term "blue suede".

  • Asset Status - Filter down to Unapproved, Approved, Draft (i.e. not yet published) and Expired assets from a drop down menu. 


  • Top Tags - Brandfolder will surface your top 10 tags by asset volume in the filter list. You can also search across all tags in your Brandfolder, which will add that tag to the list when selected.


  • Top File Types - Similar to top tags, Brandfolder will surface your top 10 file types by asset volume in the filter list. You can search across all file types in your Brandfolder, which will add that file type to the list when selected.
  • Custom Fields - Select from a drop down of all custom field keys. The value field then automatically updates to only values for the selected key. 


  • Orientation - Filter by your assets' image orientation. Brandfolder supports Horizontal, Vertical, Square and Panoramic orientation types.

  • SKU Search - A separate search mechanism designed specifically for SKU numbers

  • Upload Date - Filter to assets that have been uploaded in the last 24 hours or last week. 


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