Custom Workflow and Approvals

Within Brandfolder an administrator is able to set custom approvals on asset uploads before it is available to all users within the Brandfolder. This feature guarantees that no asset will be able to be consumed before it has the necessary approval from the administrator(s).


There are three options to choose from:

  1. Require asset approval from any administrator - this option allows for any administrator listed on the Brandfolder to approve assets.
  2. Require asset approvals from one of the administrators - this option allows for a single admin to be selected. Only this admin will be able to approve assets.
  3. Require asset approvals from multiple administrators - this option allows multiple admins to be selected for more visibility on individual asset approvals. 


Navigate to Settings > General Settings > Approvals tab

From there you will find these three options listed above in the modal:



If you have any questions about the custom workflow and approvals feature please contact  


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