Bulk Invite Users

Administrators have the ability to invite users to their organization in bulk. Whether it's guest users, collaborators or admins, the seamless process can invite multiple people to access certain levels of the organization at once. 

 To bulk invite, simply follow these steps:

1. Select Users in the top right corner of a Branfolder or Collection. 

2. From there, the Manage Users modal will populate. Select Bulk Invite in the top left corner. After selecting that, the below options will appear: 

3. From here, an administrator can add multiple email addresses by using a comma to separate each one or by hitting enter. 

4. After the users have been added, the next step will be selecting the Brandfolder(s) or Collection(s) that they should get access to. Inviting them to the Brandfolder will grant them access to the entire Brandfolder and it's collections. Alternatively, a user can just be invited to a single collection.

5. Finally, the administrator is able to review the selections before inviting. Changes to the permission levels can be made as well as adding a personal message.  

 Read more about user permissions here


If you have any questions about this feature please contact support@brandfolder.com.


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